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VALL Fresh Holic Natural Volcanic Stone Face Oil Remover


VALL's all-natural, reusable volcanic stone ball is the perfect alternative to oil absorbent papers/blotting sheets.  Its porous composition removes excess oil, sweat and dust that builds up on the skin throughout the day so that the skin and pores can remain clean, clear and shine-free, while the face gets a quick massage.

The antibacterial and deodorizing volcanic stone is easy to clean, and sits in a pocket size holder so that it can be carried around conveniently.   Perfect to help reduce maskne!

Material: 100% volcanic ion stone

Suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin.

Use it before makeup for better adhesion and a longer lasting application, or use it over makeup throughout the day when skin starts to look shiny or greasy for smudge-free makeup. 

Made in Korea

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