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Our Story

Here at Beauty Blueprint, we believe that the path to reaching one's skin goals should be accessible for everyone and that skincare is a form of personal well-being which everyone should be able to take part in regardless of background.

Founded by two sisters, each with over 10 years of experience in the industry and who has worked with a range of different skin types and concerns, we understand that the needs for each and every person is different. We hope to extend this knowledge to those who desire to learn more about skin care and to help them build their very own blueprint to achieve their own beauty goals.

At Beauty Blueprint, we work to curate high quality skin care products, beauty tools and beauty devices so that we can address different concerns and goals. Our philosophy, however, is that the focus is not only on what skincare products  and tools are suitable, but it should also focus on the needs based on each individual person's lifestyle, daily schedule, and not to mention, budget. With all these factors, each person's routine and blueprint may be very different even if they have very similar skin types and concerns.

We hope to share some of our advice, recommendations, and small tips based on all these factors so that each and everyone can reach their goals with ease and enjoyment.
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