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rom&nd Better Than Palette The Secret Garden

$30.00 $30.00

This series of the Better Than Palette comes in 4 eye shadow palettes to suit whatever mood and intensity you are looking for.  Each palette consists of 10 matte and glitter shades and 5 levels of brightness intensity for you to blend and mix to get the look you want. 

Additionally there 2 palettes to help enhance your look: Light & Glitter Garden palette and Shade & Shadow Garden palette each also containing 10 shades.

Choice of 6 Palettes:

#01 Pampas Garden  (7.5g)

-a bright yet delicate, spring-like mix of coral, beige, pink, and browns

#02 Mahogany Garden  (7.5g)

-a dazzling and sophisticated mix of brown, gold, beige, and nudes

#03 Rosebud Garden  (7.5g)

-a stunning and sweet mix of pink, nude, rosy, and mauves

#04 Dusty Fog Garden  (8g)

-a defining and cool mix of ash, grey, taupe, and smoky colours

#05 Shade & Shadow Garden  (8g)

-lets you contour and create more dimensions or used as a natural eyeshadow base on its own or together with the Light & Glitter Palette

#00 Light & Glitter Garden  (6g)

-contains brilliant sparkles & glitter of different shades, sizes and fineness to brighten up your look

Product of Korea. 

Please refer to packaging for accurate/updated ingredient list.

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