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ILLŪMEN Photon LED Vibrating + Heating Skin Revitalizing Beauty Device


IILŪMEN utilizes LED and thermal technology to enhance your skincare regimen.  The thermal function, which heats to 42º, encourages the pores to open, and along with the vibration function, products penetrate deeper into the skin for more effective results.  Three LED spectrums allow you to personalize your at-home treatment so that you may target your skin issues and achieve your skin goals.

This waterproof, ergonomic device heats within 3 seconds and has a 6-minute timer to help you easily improve your home regimen and provide a more effective at-home  skincare treatment.

Suitable for all skin types.

Use the Illumen along with a face serum or use it on top of a sheet mask for increased absorption into the skin.

RED LIGHT (635nm wavelength):  Stimulates fibroblast cells to produce collagen to rejuvenate and heal skin, improve scarring, tighten loose skin, and reduce inflammation, pore size and fine lines.

Best suited for anti-aging, scar/wound healing, revitalizing dull and tired skin

BLUE LIGHT (470nm wavelength):  Helps balance sebum by controlling overproduction of sebaceous glands, kills bacteria, improves skin texture and helps to recover sun damage.

Best suited for acne or oily prone skin.

YELLOW LIGHT (585nm wavelength):  Accelerates cell growth, wound healing, stimulates collagen production and lymphatic drainage.  Also calms redness and soothes skin conditions such as rosacea.

Best suited for sensitive skins or skins with hyperpigmentation.

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