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HADAKA WANDLOVE Rose Quartz Face Roller


The WANDLOVE face roller made from rose quartz promotes blood flow and lymphatic drainage, helping to release toxins and reduce water retention from the skin.  At the same time, the rolling motion of the rose quartz smooths out fine lines, firms the skin and increases elasticity.  Rose quartz, the "love stone", is known to release small vibrations and energy to release tension, ward off negativity and calm inflammation. 

Use this simple yet effective tool together with a serum or with a sheet mask to improve penetration of products into deeper layers of the skin.

Material: Rose Quartz

Suitable for all skin types.

Use in long, sweeping motions using light pressure (do not use heavy pressure) and repeat each area for 3-6 sweeps before moving to next area.  You may cool the roller in the refrigerator prior to use for a cooling effect, however do not submerge or soak the roller in water.  Clean with a damp cloth.

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